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Africa Relief Vision: Overview

At Africa Relief Vision, we believe strongly that all citizens of the world have the right to enjoy and benefit from the resources of their nation. Furthermore, it is each government's duty to share these resources with its people, regardless of age, race, or rank. Through this the social and economic development of the country will continue, and the well-being of its people will be secured.

Congo is has often been regarded as possessing a great wealth of natural resources. However, the majority of its people live in severe poverty, subsisting on less than 50 cents a day.

Looking back, we can find that this situation has only been worsened by 30 years of dictatorial rule by president Mobutu and five years of war with rebels from neighboring countries. These rebels, who operated during the rule of the current president Joseph Kabila, have been intent on looting Congo's minerals and other resources, deepening the impoverished state of the country.

Only by knowing the background of the country's situation, and by understanding the paths needed to improve the social and economic state of the Congolese people can aid be implemented. Only then can those with the means to help the oppressed and vulnerable, especially the women and children of the nation, actually do so.

Therefore, with this knowledge and the vision and motivation to help the local population improve their conditions of life, the Africa Relief Vision was created. It is our belief that our actions can contribute to the building of better lives and better communities, all based on the core values of respect and equality.

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